Karina Gould
Hon. Karina Gould
Member of Parliament for Burlington
January Update
February 1, 2021

Dear Friends,  

Thank you to everyone who joined me virtually for my 6th annual New Year’s Levee. Though we couldn’t gather together in person at the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB), I would like to thank Robert Stevens of the AGB, our beloved singing veteran Bill Reid, and our talented Town Crier, David Vollick, Saving Thyme bakery and Sunshine Doughnuts for helping to keep some of our favourite traditions going. If you missed it live, you can watch the whole thing either on my Facebook page (facebook.com/karinagould) or on my website (karinagouldmp.ca). 

As we round out the first month of 2021, a lot has happened already. The events that occurred to the south of us, from the storming of the Capitol to the inauguration of President Biden, have caused me to reflect a lot on the meaning and value of democracy. I believe deeply in democracy and the role of people in shaping their government and their institutions. Democracy is fragile. It is not an absolute. It depends on the will and trust of the people in their institutions and that those institutions and the people leading them – who are only citizens themselves, who are the custodians of those institutions for the time they are granted by the people – trust and respect the values and conventions we all agree to uphold. 

We also continue to find ourselves in a serious public health crisis. Throughout this pandemic, our first priority has always been the safety and security of all Canadians. The Government of Canada has secured the highest numbers of doses per capita of any country in the world, and the most diverse portfolio of COVID-19 vaccines - putting Canada at the front of the pack to receive the vaccine. These vaccines will protect Canadians and save lives. You can find the most up to date information on COVID-19 vaccine production, distribution, and allocation forecasts on the Government of Canada website, here. You can find information on doses administered in Ontario here.   

Every Canadian will receive the opportunity to be immunized against COVID-19 by September. Until then, we must all do our part to slow the spread of this virus in Canada. This means not leaving the house unless for essential reasons, wearing masks with two or three layers, and using the COVID Alert App. Times have been tough, but our government will have your back, whatever it takes, to help you get through this unprecedented crisis. 


Hon. Karina Gould
Member of Parliament


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