Hon. Karina Gould
Member of Parliament for Burlington
Canada Day 2020
July 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

Happy Canada Day!
Today we celebrate the 153rd anniversary of Confederation. We come together as Canadians to celebrate the achievements of our country, reflect on our past and present, and look to our future. 

Canada's story stretches back long before Confederation, to the first people who worked, loved, and built their lives here and to those who came here centuries later in search of a better life for their families. In the 153 years since, we have continued to grow and define ourselves as a country and even in troubling times such as now, it is important that we celebrate the millions of Canadians who have come together to make our country strong, prosperous, and the open place it is today. 

This year's Canada Day will undoubtedly look different from previous years but still offers us a time to gather with close friends and family and reflect on what it means to be Canadian. We are a country that prides itself on being inclusive and diverse as well as an advocate for human rights around the world. We are a homeland of equality, peace, and justice and we define ourselves by a set of values, aspirations, hopes and dreams. 

Canada is not perfect, but we will never stop striving to be better. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have seen the resiliency of the Canadian spirit. This Canada Day, I encourage you to participate in some of the virtual festivities that are being hosted right here in Burlington, or those being held nationally. More information on these virtual celebrations can be found below. 

Canada Day this year will also feature a Drive-Thru Ribfest hosted by the Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore at the Burlington Centre from 11am to 8pm. If you stop by, be sure to check out the fresh fruits and vegetables over at the Burlington Farmer's Market as well. 

I would also like to take a moment to congratulate all the hardworking students in Burlington who have finished their terms and those who have graduated this past week. In the face of enormous challenges, you have persevered through circumstances that many of us could have never imagined while demonstrating creativity, ingenuity, and resilience. This is an incredible accomplishment and one I hope you are all proud of. The future is bright and full of opportunity and I know that Burlington is in the capable hands of our forward-thinking, community-minded youth. 

As you celebrate Canada Day today, please ensure that you are still adhering to public health guidelines to keep you, your family, and our community safe. 

Have a safe and wonderful Canada Day!


Hon. Karina Gould
Member of Parliament


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